Sunday, June 1, 2008

Temperamental McCain

This one was done a couple of weeks ago.
The client wanted me to show and angry McCain. I couldn't find pictures of the man in such a mood so I decided to open up his mouth in a subtle way and show his lower teeth.
This is the result.


Wouter Tulp said...

here's an angry picture of the man:

ian said...

Great likeness! He seems like he should be no problem but I can't seem to get him right. I love your blog, especially your pencil renderings.

Kenwork57 said...

Ismael: Two students from my Publicity Workshop class at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology have used you and your work for their final publicity project. But when I went to your website it seems to have been taken down, and when I went to your entry on Wikipedia, it had been deleted.

Just thought that you should be aware of this situation.


Ken Jacobs
Adjunct Prof
Department of Advertising Marketing Communications

Wittygraphy: Caricature Community said...

Your drawings are fantastic! Please join us at Wittygraphy is a social network to share, discuss, and promote caricatures. Participation of artists of your caliber means a lot to our community.

Anonymous said...

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