Saturday, September 29, 2007

Donald Tsang

Another one of the oriental guys I've been working on lately. Notice the background; Since I had a tight deadline, what better than using a cutting collage for the city to save time and the trouble of drawing buldings -which I don't mind, but...-. : )


juanita said...

hello tio...=D
this is other comment about your work...I think i'm the first who post a comment here...I will post comments in all of your draws...I think my english is a little good...I have to take some classes of grandfather TO say that my english is very good but compared to the english that he pronounce... =p

well I think I don't have anything more to say...



painterdog said...

Good work, one thing I don't think you mean to use the word 'oriental guys' to describe the Chinese man you have rendered, please but don't call Asian's Orientals as it's insulting. Orientals are rugs not people.