Thursday, September 20, 2007

Michael Douglas

This is something I've wanted to share for quite a while but didnt' have the outlet for it; Hah! Now I do...
This is the process I prefer to follow when doing a caricature (not a humorous portrait). Sometimes deadlines don't allow you to spend much time "playing" and many people don't quite get that the whole thing is about exaggeration.
Anyway, here it is for you to see.


Tal Rachmin said...

love your work
lot of style!
nice one of douglas hehe, really good
keep the fusion alive mate :)

Ismael Roldan said...

Hi Tal:
Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.
Yeah, trying to...

Jason Seiler said...

Ismael, this is great to see your process. Wonderful transitions from your first sketch to final, and an awesome Douglas at that!

Ismael Roldan said...

Thanks Jason...This is the part I enjoy doing most but as you are aware now, we can't really follow.
A shame, right?

juanita said...

HI tio...=D

again's very good to see your process when you do a caricature, I think step by step you advance a little more...well I don't know so much about this but I think I can comment about your beautiful work...I think the same than the other people who like your art...well I don't know who's that man because I don't live in United States...but it's a good caricature =p...I'd like to draw like you but I think that's not the work I really want to do from my career...I think I like an other kind of art for me...but I think you do this very good ...=80)


juanis =0D

Elvio said...

BuenĂ­simo como siempre Ismael!!! te sigo muy de cerca siempre!!! SeguĂ­ adelante!!!!