Tuesday, September 11, 2007

German Sheppard

Hi Everyone!
It is a pleasure to finally have a blog so that you, my good faithful followers have a closer channel of communication with me and my work.
I will be showing some things well known to you all and others that you are not-so-familiar with, like the guy to the left. This was used for stickers in a series of 15 different breeds I did. I love animals and enjoy doing caricatures of them. Putting them in human situations is certainly something I enjoy doing.
So, welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy this little bridge between you and I.


Nathan Lindsay said...

Love this. your animal caricatures are fantastic. Looking forward to the millions of posts you're going to add soon.

Ismael Roldan said...

Thanks Nathan!
Yeah, I'll try me best. Thanks for dropping by.

Tim Bye said...

Fabulous stuff - I love the top down perspective! Really great