Monday, September 17, 2007

Mavis Staple

This is one of those really cool ones that comes across from time to time: Great face, excellent reference pictures, pose, colors.. All in all one I had a lot of fun with!


Jason Seiler said...

Great pose and awesome hair. The shape and mass in the hair is hilarious, also really love that mouth! Was this for the WSJ?

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

your work is amazing ... wish i had your talent ... stunning ... wow great eye for detail

bog_art said...

You have a really nice art here.. and your rhino is fabulous!!..

Tim Bye said...

Tremendous - just looks right!

Ismael Roldan said...

Thanks all for coming by!
-Jason: yes, again a good face helps us out, right? Yep WSJ.
-Cleo: Appreciate your comments..Always loved to get inside as much as I can without being hyperrealistic. : )
-Bog Art: Thanks..I'll put up one more animal soon; stay tuned.
-Tim:Just feel at home when there's perspective. The architect that I might have been shows up there! : )

Overvision said...

The soulful feeling of Mavis is palatable.
Excellent rendering!