Monday, September 24, 2007

One more of those I truly enjoy doing. It's a lot of fun particularly when the animal's face helps me with the theme I choose to put it in.


Jason Seiler said...

Ismael, this is nice brother . . . really nice! Love the side view, really funny, and an awesome paint job!

Ismael Roldan said...

Thanks Jason!
Gonna have to seriously advertise this blog thing.
You've been doing a terrific job with yours!
Thanks for the comments on this one!
We gotta get together!

juanita said...

Hello tio!!!

again I'll post other comment...=D...I tell you...
I thing that's the better draw that you can's very very funny...I think the draws with animals is a good idea, and body of a important executive...=D

weell I don't have anything more to say so