Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In the past few months for one reason or another I've had to draw many people of asian descent; it's a bit tricky likeness wise but I think I've pulled it out in a good way.
I'll show you more soon.


Jason Seiler said...

I haven't been here for a day or so . . . cool piece . . . what's the orange background for? Looks like it was left open for text or something?

Ismael Roldan said...

Hey Jason:
The background was symbolic; the man was a hot topic in his field for some comments made. Done for a cover.

juanita said...

Hi tio...=I

I think I don't have very much to say because my comments in the other pictures was very very extense hehehe...I just can say that's a very good job!!! An incredible caricature...I think in the other comments of this draw you and Jason are talkin to me in Chinese...hehehehe...I don't know so much about this you know...i'm just 14 years old...i'm very little...=D