Friday, September 14, 2007

Myron Scholes

This is one of those corporate assignments that come often to my drawing board. They are fun to do except that pictures usually have frontal views and there's nothing in caricature as having different angles to play with a face.


Tim Bye said...

Great work!

Jason Seiler said...

Nice piece Ismael, not fun when you have only one crappy picture to work off of . . . doesn't look like that effects you. :)

Emily said...

Hi Ismael, I found your blog by way of Jason. Good stuff!! And for a front view, you still made it quirky-interesting...

Francis Vallejo said...

Great work so far. What medium are you doing these in?
take care,

Ismael Roldan said...

Thanks all for visiting and for your kind words!
-Tim: Appreciate your words!
-Thanks for everything Jason!
- Emily: Jason has been a good friend and colleague for some years; gotta try and do your best with the reference you have!!
- Francis: I'm using acrylics.